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Boerne Dentist Offers Solutions for Receding Gums

Long in the toothReceding gums is a common dental concern in which there is a reduction in the amount of gum tissue that surrounds and protects the teeth. If the gum tissue around one tooth or several teeth is damaged due to an injury or gum disease, the change in the position of the gumline can make the teeth appear longer than normal.

The health of the gums should be assessed by a dentist in Boerne on a regular basis and receding gums should be treated promptly to prevent the continued loss of gum tissue. Healthy gum tissue makes for a great-looking smile, but the gums also serve a far more important function. The teeth require a thick and fibrous band of gum tissue for structural support. In fact, the bone and the gums work together to stabilize the teeth, and where the gums are recessed, the bone has recessed also.

There is a procedure that can be done to correct the problem of receding gums. It’s called a gum graft. To get started, you will first need to schedule an appointment with your dentist for a complete checkup and cleaning. Depending upon the amount of recession, your general dentist will refer you to a specialist known as a periodontist for a consultation.

A periodontal specialist is an expert in the health of the gums, the bone, and the supportive structures of the teeth. An experienced periodontist can correct receding gums by grafting new gum tissue to an area that is lacking support. For patients with several millimeters of recession, this single-day surgery is essential since the body is unable to regrow or repair the missing gum tissue naturally.

It is always best to take action before the condition reaches the critical point where the gum graft will no longer be a viable treatment option. In the long run, adding tissue that is more fibrous and thick can protect the teeth and the roots in terms of sensitivity, tooth decay, and structural stability.

If your teeth seem to look longer than they once were, contact a dentist in Boerne to learn more about the gum graft procedure today.

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