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Boerne Dentist Recommends Stress Relief For Your Dental Implants

TensionIf you are a teeth-clencher or a grinder, then you could be doing a great disservice to your dental implants. The habit of gritting or clenching your teeth together isn’t good for your health in general, but it’s particularly detrimental to dental implants. Implants don’t bear the burden of stress very well, and too much pressure can cause them to fail.

When you talk to a dentist in Boerne about your desire for dental implants, be sure to mention your tendency for clenching your teeth and ask about the need for added protection.

Your jaw muscles are incredibly strong, and the pressure from clenching the teeth could be enough to destroy joint cartilage, the jawbone, your tooth enamel, beautiful porcelain restorations, and especially your dental implants—even if you only clench your teeth at night! By current estimates, this type of intense stress is among the most common causes of dental implant failure.

By reducing the level of stress that is generated from clenching, you can protect your dental implants and while also relieving other symptoms that are associated with TMJ disorder. To begin, it will be necessary to determine if and when your clenching habit is occurring. This tends to take place at night and most sufferers are unaware that they may be clenching or grinding in their sleep. The following clues can alert you to the presence of a problem:

  • tightness in the jaw joint in the morning
  • morning headaches and tension in the neck
  • sore teeth, sensitive teeth, receding gums
  • broken fillings

You should also pay attention to the times when you might be clenching during the day. Driving, a stressful work environment, and physical exercise are the most common triggers. Daytime clenching is also an indicator that you may be suffering from the same habits at night.

Ignoring or failing to detect a problem like clenching or grinding can ruin your chances for a successful dental implant, and reducing the stress could be as simple as wearing a protective mouth guard. Talk to a dentist in Boerne about the best ways to avoid stressing your dental implants out.

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