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Boerne Dentist has Tips for a Speedy Recovery after an Extraction

Anxious PatientHaving a tooth pulled, also known as an extraction, can be traumatic and worrisome. A Boerne dentist can give you the best care during and after your tooth is extracted. Postoperative care is extremely important in order to maintain a healthy extraction site and to promote healing.

A tooth extraction can be recommended for a number of reasons. Some common circumstances which may require the extraction of a tooth include: extreme decay, a tooth that has been broken or cracked down to the gum line, and an orthodontic problem (to provide adequate spacing for other teeth to erupt or to be shifted with braces).

During the extraction, the dentist will numb the extraction site with a local anesthetic. You will not feel pain during the extraction process, however you may feel pressure due to the force that is required to remove the tooth. Once the tooth has been fully removed, you will be asked to bite down on gauze and apply moderate pressure, helping to control bleeding. That area of your mouth will be numb for a while, so be careful that you don’t accidentally bite your tongue or cheek.

Leave the extraction site alone! Do not disturb the blood clot that forms in the socket. The clot is extremely important in the course of healing. If the clot is disrupted, you stand the chance of causing a painful infection known as “dry socket.” Do not swish your mouth with water, perform any type of sucking action (smoking, sipping on a straw), or eat hard foods. Restraining from doing any of these will help the site to heal completely.

If you are having any pain or concerns with any of your teeth, contact your dentist right away. Medications may be prescribed to relieve you of any pain or discomfort, although, aspirin or blood thinners should be avoided for several days after surgery.

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