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Celebrating Tooth Fairy Day!

tooth fairy magicIt is probably unlikely that you knew there was a national holiday where we celebrated a hard worker that spreads magic to kids worldwide – the Tooth Fairy. Everyone here at Premier Dental Center in Boerne works for the Tooth Fairy, so we couldn’t allow this day to pass without acknowledging the special role that the Tooth Fairy and parents play in the lives of their kids. We also wanted to provide you with some ideas on how to keep the magic alive with each passing tooth.

Who is the Tooth Fairy?

The modern version of the Tooth Fairy that we see today can be traced back to a play written by Esther Watkin Arnold in 1927. It has since been used by Disney and major production companies to make a place in our hearts and homes. Losing a tooth is a rite of passage for children worldwide and should be celebrated. There are many ways to keep the magic alive while taking the opportunity to teach your little ones about oral health.

What Can You Do?

When teeth begin to wiggle and fall out, this provides you with an opportunity to start teaching your young ones about the importance of oral care (if you haven’t started already). The new set of teeth coming in are going to be important for the rest of their lives, so teaching them young is essential. So how do you encourage healthy oral health habits without taking out the fun and magic of losing teeth?

Well, thirty years ago, kids would be happy to receive a quarter for their tooth, but you may find that over time kids started appreciating dollar bills over coins (yay, dental inflation). Sometimes this option isn’t feasible for everyone, so we are happy to provide you with some creative and magical ideas that even the Tooth Fairy can get behind!

DIY Magical Box for Teeth

Find an old mint tin box, jewelry holder, or prescription bottle. Assist your child with decorating it using spray paint, glitter, and paint to create a magical container. Once it is complete, you can use it to place the dislodged teeth in it to be exchanged for a note or small gift.

Write a Magical Note

Buy colorful paper, ribbon, and glitter, or use a template to write a message about brushing twice a day, flossing, or tooth jokes.

Create a Tooth Report Card or Receipt

Though it is a gift from the Tooth fairy, it also doubles as memorabilia. Record the date, tooth location, density, cleanliness, and whiteness of the tooth. It will give your kiddo something to look forward to each time they lose a tooth.

Small Gifts

A sugar-free lollipop with a note attached, a bravery certificate, or a coupon to be redeemed to go to the movies, park, or ice cream shop are great alternatives to money.

When kids think of magic there is typically glitter involved. After each “visit” sprinkle some glitter on the window sill to show clues that the Tooth Fairy has paid a visit.

Keeping The Magic Alive

During this precious time of teaching your children about the changes happening, how to take care of their teeth, and dealing with the growing pains that come with it all – be sure to contact us to schedule an appointment.

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