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Dental Implants Deliver Proven Results

The verdict is in: dental implants are as close to natural teeth as you can get! That’s a pretty strong statement, but it’s true. Dental implants restore dental function and appearance unlike any other tooth replacement alternative available today. In Boerne TX, implant dentist Dr. Luigi Massa uses state-of-the-art techniques and materials to restore smiles with dental implants.

The Goal: A Complete Smile

Everyone wants to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. Sometimes, though, dental decay, disease, or trauma can result in tooth loss. When this occurs, it’s important to replace missing teeth to avoid the pitfalls of an incomplete smile and to deter additional tooth loss. (Studies show that a person who doesn’t replace a missing tooth can expect to lose additional teeth in the future.)

Dental Implants: The Secret’s in the Science

Other tooth replacement alternatives, such as traditional dentures and bridges, replace the crown of a tooth – the part of the tooth that’s visible beyond the gumline. While traditional prosthetics renew oral appearance and restore the ability to chew, they don’t address one of the most distressing problems that occur when teeth are missing. You see, when you lose a tooth, jawbone atrophy begins to occur. This diminishment of jawbone tissue jeopardizes the foundation of your smile.

An implant provides a substitute tooth root to anchor one or more replacement teeth. During a process called osseointegration, bone tissue and implant posts fuse. This fusion creates an incredibly strong bond on which to anchor a dental prosthetic. Dr. Massa uses dental implants to secure individual implant crowns to replace single missing teeth, as well as dentures and bridges containing multiple teeth. Implant-retained teeth can be either fixed or removable, depending on the solution and the needs of the patient.

Dental implants stop jawbone atrophy for a smile that feels strong, stable, and comfortable. They have an extremely high success rate and deliver proven results. Take care of your smile, and your implants may last a lifetime.

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