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Enjoy Dental Implant Success with a Boerne Dentist

Healthy patient at dentist officeDental implant surgery demands a significant investment of your time and financial resources, so it’s important to follow the steps that are prescribed by your Boerne dentist in order to enjoy your new teeth for the rest of your life. A great deal of your implant’s success will be based upon your management of the surgical site as well as your general health after the surgery.

Moderate pressure with a clean piece of gauze can help to control bleeding in the first hours following your surgery. Moderate pressure from a moist tea bag can also be applied to the surgical site to stop bleeding.

You can also manage bleeding by limiting or avoiding strenuous activities for several days after your implants have been placed. Situations that cause an increase in your blood pressure can also stimulate prolonged bleeding, making rest and relaxation vital components to your recovery.

Tobacco use during the first 24 hours after implant surgery is strongly discouraged. In fact, it is best to avoid tobacco for several months after surgery, since your body will need to be as healthy as possible for a smooth recovery. The healing process is greatly impaired by tobacco use, making it the primary cause of total implant failure.

You may enjoy a soft or liquid diet during the first 24 hours, after which you can resume a normal diet. It is wise to avoid chewing on the implant until your dentist has determined that it is stable. In the meantime, you may opt to chew on the opposite side of the mouth.

Your natural teeth can be brushed normally after surgery, but the implant should be gently wiped clean with soft gauze for approximately 2 weeks. A medicated mouth rinse should be used as directed to maintain a clean surgical site.

Antibiotics and pain relievers should be taken as prescribed by your dentist. Ice packs can be applied during the first 24 hours to reduce swelling, and heat compresses should be applied thereafter.

Finally, it’s essential that you schedule a checkup with a dentist in Boerne every 3-6 months to ensure your dental implant’s long life.

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