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Your Medical History Helps the Dentist to Help You

Your Medical History Helps the Dentist to Help YouIf you feel as though you are confronted with a mountain of paperwork every time that you walk into a Boerne TX dental office, then you are probably correct. The medical history forms are typically the lengthiest and most unpleasant part of the paperwork packet– but it is also the most important.  When the dentist knows as much as possible about your medical conditions, he can form a better understanding about you, your mouth, and the way that your teeth look and feel.

Just consider these common correlations between your medical conditions and some potential oral conditions:

  • Diabetes- Dry mouth and increased risk for inflammation and tooth decay.
  • Heart Disease- Dry mouth and increased risk for periodontal disease.
  • Anorexia and Bulimia- Low bone density, higher risk for tooth decay, and tooth sensitivity
  • Cancer Treatments- Dry mouth, burning mouth, tooth decay, and oral infections.
  • HIV/AIDS- Mouth sores, oral lesions/cancer, oral infections, gum disease, and cold sores.
  • GI Disorders- Elevated risk for tooth decay, mouth ulcers, throat cancer.
  • Kidney Disease- Bad breath, bone loss, and accumulated plaque and tartar.

Keeping the dental team updated about even the slightest changes in your medical history at every dental visit could help to prevent an unwanted medical emergency. Did you know:

  • Some prescription heart medications can negatively interact with some of the local anesthetics that the dentist commonly uses?  Failing to provide the dentist with accurate information could lead to a serious cardiac event.
  • Your blood sugar levels can drop during lengthy dental appointments if you are a diabetic? If you were to suddenly pass out due to low blood sugar, the dental team needs to be aware of your medical state in order to help you to recover quickly.
  • Even over-the-counter medications and supplements should be reported? Some supplements can cause thinning of the blood and cause the gums to bleed easily, while others can cause ulcers or change the appearance of your tongue.

The dental team doesn’t want to bog you down with unnecessary paperwork, but they are committed to providing you with the best possible dental care– and that can only be accomplished through full disclosure. To discuss the link between your oral health and general health, contact a dentist in the Boerne area today.

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