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Summer Dental Tips for the Whole Family

Summer Dental Tips for the Whole FamilyDuring the summer, everyone in the family looks forward to taking it easy. With no school and less work, the family’s normal routine can go off-kilter, but that’s no reason to let your oral health get off-track in the process. Boerne dentists offer the following dental tips for keeping your family’s oral health on track this summer:

Watch out for sugary foods and choose healthy snacks. Even if your daily routine has gone out the window and your daily meals aren’t as predictable, don’t let unhealthy snacks and sugary foods become staples within your summer diet. Forego the sugary foods and drinks that can cause cavities and stock up on healthy snacks such as oatmeal, natural juices, nuts, and fruits.

Hydration. Keep a bottle of water on hand for yourself and your children whenever you’re enjoying any outdoor physical activities. Also, water is the best alternative to soft drinks and other sugary beverages. If you do indulge in a sports drink or a similar beverage this summer, wash away the sugar with water to reduce the risk for cavities.

Be safe. Recreational activities and sports are fun, but it’s smart to wear a mouthguard for protection. The teeth are vulnerable to chipping or getting knocked out, and concussions are known to occur as the result of an accidental blow to the mouth. Just to be on the safe side, protect your mouth and your children’s mouths when playing sports.

Brush more. Sleeping in and staying up late means that the family is less likely to brush their teeth regularly. Getting into the habit of brushing after all meals and snacks will help to keep the mouth clean, no matter what time it may be.

Protect your lips. UV rays can burn your family’s lips after a fun day outside—even if it’s not especially sunny. Choose a lip balm with SPF and avoid lip gloss (lip gloss can actually absorb more sunlight and increase your risk of burns).

Change those toothbrushes. The rule is that everyone’s toothbrush should be changed about three months, so summer break is the perfect time to buy new toothbrushes for everyone in the family. Once school starts again, it’ll be time to change them out again.

For more family-friendly summer dental tips, talk to a Boerne area dentist today.

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