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Teeth-Friendly Holiday Foods

Taking proper care of your teeth may seem daunting, but you can do it with the proper guidelines. For one, your meals play a considerable role in your dental growth and development. For example, people who eat sugary foods often suffer from toothaches, cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Others who consume fruits and vegetables grow stronger and healthier teeth.

It’s tempting to get carried away with the holidays, which means consuming an excess of sweets and sugary foods. However, this may have adverse effects on your oral health, especially if you are already susceptible to tooth decay and toothaches. Still, there is a way you can enjoy a toothache-free holiday.

healthy holiday cooking

When your meals have essential nutrients, you will have stronger and more beautiful teeth. Below are some foods you can use to make tasty and healthy meals for a great holiday.

Best Foods For Your Teeth

Most teeth-friendly foods have unique properties that help with teeth and gum protection.

  • Fish. While it may seem odd in the United States, people of different cultures eat fish during the holidays. Fish is high in protein and vitamin D, which helps the body absorb enough calcium to keep your teeth strong. If the body doesn’t have sufficient vitamin D, it becomes challenging to absorb the calcium that you need for strong teeth and bones. It also combats gum diseases and other dental problems.
  • Meat. You can spice up your holiday meals with more lean meats. Get creative! Meat is one of the most consumed teeth-friendly foods that is perfect for the family. Besides being a great source of protein, meat helps you fight dry mouth by increasing saliva production. With increased production, you will be less susceptible to dental problems. However, you have to consume meat in healthy portions to prevent it from adversely affecting your health.
  • Fruits. There are some fruits known to improve your oral health. For one, orange is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps protect and strengthen your gums by fighting gum diseases. This makes it safe to drink orange juice during your celebration. Kiwi is another teeth-friendly fruit. Packed with calcium, it helps you neutralize damaging acids. If you love salads, you should make a fruit salad with teeth-friendly fruits to enjoy the holiday.
  • Cheese is another teeth-friendly food for the entire family. This food is high in calcium which is necessary for strong teeth and bones while helping you fight cavities. It also keeps your teeth white by protecting them from acids.

Make 2022 a Year for Dental Health

Eating teeth-friendly foods during the holiday will keep your teeth safe from damage in the new year. Besides eating these foods, ensure you prioritize dental hygiene to protect your teeth from decay or holes. Please schedule an appointment to see one of our excellent dentists in 2022!

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